Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ummi needs calcium

Oh no, lately I feel very weak, especially the area of my tulang belakang. Macam org tua rasanya... :( but I believe this is because of the pregnancy, not because of baby. Because I have not taken enough Calcium. So, Abi told me that I should increase my susu kambing intakes. So, drinking goats milk every two to three hours is my new routine and of course favourite haha! I love Susu Kambing Umaima so so so much. Sedap sangat, its berry flavour and mahal. It costs us rm79.90 for only 650gm (one pack). I usually had 5 packs per month equal to rm79.90 x 5 = rm399.50 per month.

However, I have started taking the vitamin which contains Acid Folic + Omega 3 since two months ago. It is Shaklee vitamin exclusively for pregnant lady consist of Osteomatrix for the bones, Omega Guard, Multivitamin, Vita C Plus and Vita B Complex. This is important for you my baby, to grow healthy. For your information dear, folic acid helps the development of your spinal cord and the nerves while Omega 3 is good to help support your brain & eye development.

Anything for your goodness my dear baby! I love you so much and I love Abi too :)

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