Saturday, May 28, 2016

Ummi needs calcium

Oh no, lately I feel very weak, especially the area of my tulang belakang. Macam org tua rasanya... :( but I believe this is because of the pregnancy, not because of baby. Because I have not taken enough Calcium. So, Abi told me that I should increase my susu kambing intakes. So, drinking goats milk every two to three hours is my new routine and of course favourite haha! I love Susu Kambing Umaima so so so much. Sedap sangat, its berry flavour and mahal. It costs us rm79.90 for only 650gm (one pack). I usually had 5 packs per month equal to rm79.90 x 5 = rm399.50 per month.

However, I have started taking the vitamin which contains Acid Folic + Omega 3 since two months ago. It is Shaklee vitamin exclusively for pregnant lady consist of Osteomatrix for the bones, Omega Guard, Multivitamin, Vita C Plus and Vita B Complex. This is important for you my baby, to grow healthy. For your information dear, folic acid helps the development of your spinal cord and the nerves while Omega 3 is good to help support your brain & eye development.

Anything for your goodness my dear baby! I love you so much and I love Abi too :)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

14/05/2016 Saturday - Gulai Ikan Tenggiri

I am not sure who actually wanted Gulai Ikan Tenggiri, me or baby inside :) But Abi was so wonderful, he bought all the ingredients for making Gulai Ikan Tenggiri by himself. Yeayy happy me, bole rest goyang kaki! So early in the morning, we went to Teluk Intan Market to find everything needed. This was the first time ever I went there. The surrounding made me really missed my hometown.

We had our breakfast near Padang Speedy, nasi lemak for me and Roti Arab for Abi. Okay la not bad, hehe. We're arrived our home nearly 12pm. Rehat sekejap before we started our progress on our delicious main dish, insyaAllah. After an hour , alhamdulillah siap dah  Gulai Ikan Tenggiri + Ikan Termenung Goreng + Sayur Bayam Healthy. I do believe all were delicious... well bakat :p Abi masak sedap.

So dear baby, one day if you really want to have Gulai Ikan Tenggiri, you know from who should you ask from.

 *sorry, I forgot to take the picture*huhu

Friday, May 13, 2016

It begins our new journey

One fine day, ummi, abi, maktok & tokwan went to kenduri kahwin at tokwan's bestfriend place. Ummi ate a lot than usual and maktok noticed that. Hmm... maktok bole bau something good is otw :p She asked ummi to go for pregnancy checkup but ummi refused to go because I think it is too early to get pregnant. But maktok insisted, so the next morning we went to Dr Ooi clinic together.

After finished the urine test, the doctor took some moment to say it is positive, 8 weeks! Ummi was like... mak, positive tu means wa peknen ke? (asking maktok) with a weird and blur face you know haha! Apelah ummi ni maksu always said, lampi (lambat pickup). Ya Allah i'm becoming a mother :p

Actually, there was a lot of mixed feelings on Ummi's mind. You know - it is a big responsibility having a child. But you are my precious darling, my bundle of joy, my everything Alhamdulillah thanks Allah! Abi was more than happy to know your existence. He was so excited as well as me. He told me that it was the best news ever for this year, it seems like this year will be fulled with prosperity, insyaAllah. Tokwan said to maktok, nk jadi tokwan & tok dah no....with a big smile on his face :p

Everyone is feeling great for having you, baby! The first cucu for both family.

meet Kakak Marie!! she gonna be your bestie :p